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Original letter of thanks in spanish from the Ministry of Culture

Original letter of thanks in spanish from the Ministry of Culture

In June the Cuban Ministry of Culture sent a formal letter of thanks to the Music Fund for Cuba and all our donors and supporters to say thank you for the restoration of the Mirama Theatre and give details of some of the activities that have been taking place there and the involvement of the local community and students from the nearby music and performing arts schools.

A full translation is reproduced below:

Cuban Republic

Ministry of Culture

The Minister

Havana, 19th June 2013


Mr Rob Miller


Music Fund for Cuba

Dear Mr Rob Miller,

We cordially want to extend our thanks, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, for the significant financial support provided by the Music Fund for Cuba NGO and all the people that generously came together in order to allow the Miramar Movie Theatre to be restored, for the use not only of art schools and artists but also for the public in general.

Currently the Movie Theatre has a steady program that includes a wide and varied presentation of artistic performances from prestigious theatre and dance companies both Cuban and from abroad, the graduation of our national art schools and of the Higher Institute of Art, film festivals, visual arts, film showings, [and] concerts by renowned musicians. During the Summer Schedule a special program is organised, for the children of the community, which includes all types of art.

On behalf of the people of Cuba we extend our most sincere gratitude for your efforts to you, to Mr Michael Seifert and to the members of your Organisation. Pass on our endless appreciation to all the friends that have helped us, out of love for Cuba.

Yours faithfully,

Rafael Bernal Alemany

Cuban Republic

Office of the Minister

Ministry of Culture

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